What We’re About

We’re cool but we ain’t cold. Tooth Monster Records began in April 2010 as the vision of musician Van Bassman to help underrated, underpaid, and over-ignored musicians band together so their voices could be heard. All Tooth Monster artists are able to release their projects free of label input and straight to your ears. While the artist’s music may differ vastly, they all share the same commitment:  to make the best music they can, their way, and to blow your freakin’ mind.  If you can’t get behind that, then why don’t you do us all a favor and pop over to Sony?

Reasons to Feel Good About Buying from Tooth Monster Records

  1. The music, of course!
  2. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artist.
  3. The runs are mega-limited and are usually signed by the artist (may be worth something someday!).
  4. Musician-operated
  5. All TMR artists have 100% creative control over their product, image, and soul.
  6. Artists have the right to fuck off…or on, if they choose.
  7. We’re starving!  Just kidding, but we could use a burrito.
  8. Mmm…speaking of burritos, they taste better with awesome music.
  9. I thought you were cool…so why haven’t you supported a TMR artist yet?!